We have over 30 years of joint experience and a proven track record in personal and professional development,  with diverse populations all over the world.


Over the last ten years, we have run successful yoga, Time out for Transition and Finding Purpose Retreats in English and French  We have worked in Executive Coaching and Leadership Development with senior leaders in all sizes of businesses, from large corporations to small start-ups.


Here’s what some people have shared about our work:

‘Fiona and Olivier are exceptional coaches who knew how to stimulate thought, gave me keys to be more conscious and structure my deeper purpose. They helped with tact to unblock some of my resistance and what was holding me back. The combination of mind-body practices and the connection with nature made this the perfect retreat.’


‘I had the honor to be coached by Fiona and Olivier, and I must say, they are THE people to go to if you want to grow. I strongly recommend them to any person willing to leave auto-pilot, step back, enquire on relevant topics and upgrade their “operating system.” Some people from my groups where highly competent and mature vice presidents, and all, literally loved the weeks we spent with the team.’

‘This retreat represented for me a kind of lifeline at this time of my life. Fiona guided us with great finesse and skill, while knowing how to focus on the important topics in the moment. Since then, I have kept a number of ‘good’ habits which have allowed me to move forward.’

‘Despite some reluctance,  a curiosity and a need to find a way, pushed me to do this retreat, recommended by a trusted friend. Not only was I not disappointed, but everything worked for me. It was a retreat very rich in emotions, discovery of oneself and others and a great human adventure of sharing.’

‘It was an amazing experience with a broad variety of activities. Set in the beautiful French Alps in with amazing organic produce. From yoga, meditation, massage, sauna, group exercises and walks in fantastic surroundings this retreat we will never forget! We would really recommend this to everyone who is looking for a little time out for transition!’

‘My retreat place was given to me as a gift by dear friends and what a gift! There is clearly a before and after this wonderful experience. One realizes that instead of taking a jump into the void, there are stepping stones towards something else and that we can be the actors of our change. One of the goals of these three days is to discover the toolbox that puts at our disposal as many techniques, actions and practices that we can use in the future according to our desires and needs. (…) We leave with energy, enthusiasm and confidence to take on new adventures!

‘In life, a transitional, professional, emotional or geographic change is often a source of doubt, stress and fears that can stifle action. By her methods, Fiona managed to generate self-confidence, awareness of this transitional state and especially to find the sense of action and the direction to take.’