CONTRIBUTION is a not for profit charity, supported by inchigo.


The Mission of CONTRIBUTION is to promote Diversity and to encourage people to give back to society what they have experienced and learnt in their lives: to express their gifts for the benefit of others.


Diversity is to be understood in the broadest sense of ‘Meeting the Other,’ taking on new perspectives, opening up to new possibilities and leveraging our collective intelligence and creativity to optimise the solutions we find to those issues impacting our lives and our world.


The charity aims to bring the competences of its founders (in Leadership Development, Team Development, Embodiment, Self-awareness and Mindfulness) to audiences that may not normally have access.


CONTRIBUTION can provide consultancy expertise and competency in coaching and facilitation to other charities, to the Education sector or to support projects linked to its mission of promoting diversity.


CONTRIBUTION supports projects that encourage links and connections between different parts of society: culture, education, well-being, sports, the arts and business. CONTRIBUTION projects aim to foster mutually beneficial exchanges between these different actors in order for people to gain new or widened perspectives and views on issues affecting us all.


Here are some examples of the projects we have supported:

  • Babel Amaz’andes – The Caravan of a New World.


    A caravan of volunteer French artists, joined by Latin creators, sets off in search of a New World.


    Equipped with a truck-theater manager, a bookmobile, a truck-studio-radio community, and a multimedia truck towing a trailer-scene, it shared workshops and reflections, which were transmitted real time to web platforms and through various festivals,  partner schools and associations.


    It’s purpose was to share, collect and highlight life experiences for a better world. From the Colombian Caribbean coast to Lake Titicaca in Bolivia, passing through Ecuador and Peru, they performed week-long stages in Indian, Amazonia and the Andes, around teachings in terms of health, energy, food autonomy, transmission, associative distribution methods and  popular culture.

  • Support for the production of the film TERRES COMMONS


    During this  web documentary, Emmanuel Vigier followed the volunteers and activists of the collectives who devote part of their lives to supporting street residents.


    How can we account for the commitment of these men and women? “Terres Communes”


    The documentary was designed for the web, a form that is best suited to the content and its approach: making the invisible visible, remembering it, making a link. Which gave it a more sensitive  approach – for the author as well as for the spectator.


  • Support for the renovation of a school in Madagascar


    IMAG’IN is a humanitarian association which aims to promote access to education all over the world, to provide moral support and to improve the social and health conditions of populations victims of misery and exclusion.

    MAG’IN carries out its projects in collaboration with associations and local partners. It is not only involved in projects carried out and implemented by the beneficiaries themselves to ensure the sustainability of the actions. Transparency, independence and neutrality are the watchwords of IMAG’IN.


    CONTRIBUTION finances the Construction of a new building comprising 3 classrooms in a school in Madagascar.

  • August Sander Utopia


    The utopia of August Sander is a project initiated by Mohamed Bourouissa as part of the Ateliers Euro Méditerranée de Marseille Provence 2013, accompanied by the art-cade association.


    With Auguste Sander’s Utopia, Mohamed Bourouissa proposes to question the world of work and more specifically the status of job seekers today. Without any judgment, the purpose was to establish an observation and to question a state of affairs.


    Using the reference of German photographer, Auguste Sander’s work, Mr. Bourouissa sets up an artistic protocol which consists in making portraits of people located at different crossings of our society and engaged with work (student, job seekers , workers, employees …). Using a mobile fab-¬lab, the artist scanned these people to generate resin statuettes.

  • Give Back


    The Give Back project is a series of stunning archive films and short ‘Inform, Educate, Entertain’ (IEE) Packages covering National Parks and Wildlife Reserves the world over.


    Supported by educational resource material and distributed in schools & colleges, to the general public and across the internet worldwide, free of charge.


    Involves local communities living on the frontlines with the wildlife. Embraces local and international charitable organizations (WWF, IUCN etc.). Engages University Animal Sciences Departments and scientific research organisations, local and international. Encourages and facilitates the youth of each country to take ownership of their heritage.