the OceanTree Coaching

A passion for people


We love to coach. Working with people one to one, helping them work on something that really matters and supporting them on achieving sustainable results, means a lot to us. We work mostly with senior leaders at SVP and board level in medium to large organisations. We also do some not-for-profit work through our bursary fund.



A response to challenges


The OceanTree coaching programme was born as our response to some of the challenges we see that our clients face with their development and with coaching and from our desire to make coaching programmes that have a greater impact on making sustainable change.



The importance of practice


What we’ve noticed is the difficulty, sometimes the impossibility, for clients to find time in their schedule to practice beyond each coaching session. And yet, practice is the key to bringing about any sustainable and deep change. Insights and awareness are fundamental and will often have a psychoactive effect. However, developmental coaching requires practice and introducing new habits and patterns over time to have real impact. And of course, coaching without practice is like going to the doctor and then not taking the prescribed medication, even worse, staring at it and wondering why it’s not working!



The bias for action


We find there is a strong bias to finding quick solutions and answers and a strong desire to predict and control outcomes. These are clearly good skills to have in an operational context where speed of delivery is key.

However, this action or solution-finding bias can challenge our ability to access all our capabilities: our emotional intelligence, our energy management and our capacity to access other ways of knowing.

This leads to an imbalanced focus on external factors to solve issues, rather than having all our resources available.



The Digital Age


Another challenge we are all facing is being a human in the Digital Age. The capacities that need to be developed even more in the future and that we believe will remain universally human in the digital era all require a different approach and attention.


These include expanding our awareness, accessing different ways of knowing beyond only the cognitive, developing emotional intelligence and empathy, tapping into collective intelligence amongst others.

All require us to allow the time and space to connect with a deeper part of ourselves.

Developmental coaching requires us to create the right conditions of time, space and energy to allow new possibilities to emerge.


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