the OceanTree Coaching

How it works?

The OceanTree Developmental Coaching is a fresh approach to coaching based on the key ideas of Time Out, Dynamic Balance, Enquiry Questions & Embodied PracticeClick here find out more about these Guiding Principles


It uses an integral approach, looking at development through the different lenses of the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and shadow aspects of being a human.


It is tailored for leaders and individuals who are ready to dive deep into their development and to branch out into practicing new ways of make a difference and impacting the(ir) world.


The programme requires people to engage, explore and embody their development, in the name of serving themselves, others and the greater good.



Multi-lens Diagnostic


The programme includes multi-dimensional assessments of different aspects of development (Stage development, Typology, Overall Health & Energy Management, Emotional Intelligence, Intrapersonal Competence etc.)


These assessments will be chosen, carried out and debriefed throughout the programme according to the needs of the coachee and the direction the development journey is taking.


An expert in that assessment tool will often carry out a debrief as well as the coach.



Structured Interviews with Stakeholders and Feedback


There will always be a multi-stakeholder feedback and interview process to look at how an individual is currently perceived in the system and context in which they work. This uses a using a Grounded Theory approach to collate trends and themes related to the coaching topic and the level of development.



Guiding Enquiry Question


The coach runs a session with the coachee to debrief the different diagnostics and explore their own development needs.


It allows the coach to calibrate the level of self-awareness and the developmental need related to the coaching topic.


This session also serves to create with the coachee a guiding enquiry question that will lead them through the coaching programme.



How it works: Diving in and Branching out


Cycle of 6 Coaching Sessions


There will be 6 individual sessions, with a combination of virtual and face-to-face meetings. Additional sessions may be planned depending on what is best for the coachee’s development.


The cycle may include inputs from other coaches for specific needs. We will always recommend at least one session be devoted to embodied/ somatic coaching.





This Time Out is an essential part of the OceanTree coaching programme. It sets the conditions for deeper inner work as well as accessing different ways of knowing. It allows coachees to uncover some of the mind-sets, habitual patterns and beliefs that hold us back.


A key element of the programme is this 3 day Immersion.


They can take place at any time in the programme according to what is appropriate and possible for the individual.


A dedicated session with the coach, to craft and tweak the Guiding Question for participants, is held before the Immersions.


Venues will be in natural surroundings, in simple but beautiful locations with delicious organic food.


There are two types of Immersions :


The Individual 3 Day immersion click here for more detail


The Group 3 Day Immersion click here for more detail


For more information and pricing of our Individual Immersions please contact us below



A percentage of all payments go to the OceanTree Giving Back fund to pay Coaching sessions to those who are working in the not for profit sector, are on low income or in other situations that means they would struggle to pay or get budgets for this level of coaching.



We offer two ways of working with us:

  • A fully tailored 6 or 12 month developmental coaching programme with an individual 3 day Immersion (1 coachee).
  • A fully tailored 6 or 12 month developmental coaching programme with group 3 day Immersion (maximum of 10-12 coachees).

Please contact us with the form or calling +44 771 362 7236 for more information on the pricing for our programmes and different options available.



Your programme could include:

  • Diagnostic tools and assessment reports with associated debriefs.
  • Structured interviews with relevant stakeholders, report and feedback.
  • AQAL assessment (Integral Approach) with OceanTree Coach
  • A “Crafting my Guiding Enquiry Question Session” with Coaches.
  • 6 to 12 face to face live or virtual one-to-one sessions with your Coach.
  • One or two sessions will be with your Embodiment Coach and /or a Specialist Practitioner.
  • 3 day Immersion (individual or collective) with board and accommodation.



Please note that the cost of the coaching does not include transportation to the venues for the Immersions, nor travel and other costs related to the coaching cycles should they be face to face.