Individual Immersion

These 3 day Individual Immersions are for those who want to experience diving deep and who are ready to go into exploring, engaging and embodying their next stage of development. A participant will have a specific question to guide them through the three-days and set up sustainable practices for on-going development.


The Individual Immersions are tailor-made with 2 highly experienced coaches and different mind-body practitioners according to the developmental need. The Individual Immersion creates the conditions of time space and energy for some deep work and a very personalised experience.

The Immersion uses the principal of Enquiry and sitting with a Question to go deeper into self-awareness and understand better what may be holding us back from taking our  next steps on the development journey. Participants will engage in practices tailored to understand some of their deeper patterns and levers for change.


The individual immersions are very relevant for those already engaged in a coaching programme or who are on a professional or personal development journey and want to go much deeper towards their next step of development. It is also relevant for those not currently in a coaching programme but wanting to take time out for introspective enquiry to gain insights and awareness on a particular question with a deeply personalised approach. The focus is on learning how to “Enquire” and developing sustainable practice to support the next step of your development.


While sitting with your question, you will be guided through mind, body and emotional connection practices that encourage you to learn, open to new perspectives and gain insights in where your path wants to take you next.

What are we going to do?


Our facilitation is based on a deep listening to the needs and rhythm of the individual. The Immersion is tailored in advance but can be adapted live to the needs and rhythm of the coachee. The main themes of the Immersion are:

    • Practicing ‘Enquiry’ as a powerful technique for development: pause, listen and enquire.
    • Turning the camera in for a deeper exploration of our inner landscape, developing our introspective focus and raising awareness of our habitual patterns.
    • Sitting with a question and distinguishing between “I don’t know” and “Not knowing”. Understanding the concept of dynamic balance and how that is related to our physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual well-being.
    • Practicing acceptance and compassion for all parts of ourselves and so for others.
    • Understanding and connecting with the wisdom of our body and developing our own body and energy practices.
    • Reconnecting with the cyclical nature of life and being in flow with alternating states of being and doing.
  • How are we going to do it?


    You will have two preparation calls with one or more of our facilitators to craft and fine-tune the question you will bring to the Immersion from your current coaching programme or related to your current development issue or challenge.


    The Immersion is about developing your ability to stop and pause, assess from different perspectives, dynamically balance for what is needed now, and set up the appropriate practices.


    After the Immersion, you will have a follow up call to discuss your individual insights. We recommend embedding this experience as part of a longer coaching programme. The minimum would be one session before and after the experience.

  • We will explore these different steps through the following approaches:


    • Facilitated activities
    • Facilitated Self-awareness exercises and practices
    • Sensory awakening through the contact with nature..
    • Personal thinking and reflection time.
    • Individual sessions with practioners according to the need : this could be voice specialists, martial artists, storytellers, Mind-Body, meditation or energy practice experts
    • Guided writing exercises.
  • Every morning you will participate in a morning wake-up that includes Body, Meditation and Journaling practices. This is about different ways of accessing our consciousness, not about any physical performance.



    Who is it for?

    The Immersion is for those currently in a coaching programme or a leadership development path interested in going deeper into their personal and professional growth and developing sustainable practice through a 3-day deep immersion.

    The Immersion will be in English but the facilitators speak French and Spanish.

  • Accommodation and Food


    We have a number of different venues available. They are all in beautiful surroundings as our relationship to nature and learning from nature are part of the Immersion experience.


    We work with private chefs who have a passion for food and produce. All meals will be entirely organic and vegetarian with vegan options. For any other dietary requirements (soy free, diary free, gluten free, etc..), please let us know as soon as possible.

Individual Immersions are part of the OceanTree Coaching Programme.


If you are interested in an Individual 3 Day Immersion outside of an OceanTree coaching programme, please contact or call on +44 771 362 7236