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INCHIGO and THE OCEANTREE informs the visitor of the site that all legal mentions quoted in this article are accepted without reserve by any visitor who accesses the site. The site, as well as the totality of the contents, is protected by the code of intellectual property.


The present sites and are published by the company INCHIGO, SARL capital of 10 000 euros, registered in the trade register and companies of Marseille under the number RCS Marseille: 513 361 840, whose registered office is at 46 rue Raphaël, 13008 Marseille – FRANCE. Managing partners: Mr Olivier LACHEZE BEER, Mrs Fiona BIBBY. The site is hosted by the company 1 & 1 INTERNET SARL, 7 Place de la Station, BP 70109, 57201 Sarreguemines CEDEX. Its access and the use of its contents are subject to the conditions of use described below. Visiting the site constitutes on the part of the user an unreserved acceptance of the following:


The site as well as the totality of the contents is protected by the code of intellectual property. The rights of reproduction and representation of images, texts, illustrations, photos, etc. are strictly reserved. Any usage must be the subject of a preliminary written agreement of the company INCHIGO. A third party can carry out no adaptation or modification of the creations and contents. Fiona BIBBY and Olivier LACHEZE BEER retain this right.


Consequently, the use of all or part of the site through downloading, reproduction, transmission or representation, for purposes other than for strictly private use and for non-commercial purposes, is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply with this prohibition constitutes an infringement liable to incur the civil or criminal liability of the infringer.


INCHIGO ensures to the best of its ability the updating of the information diffused on the site as well as their exactitude. The company reserves the right to modify the content at any time without notice. Nevertheless, INCHIGO cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness and accuracy of the information posted on the site. In fact, INCHIGO declines any responsibility for:

– Any inaccuracy, omission or inaccuracy concerning online indications on the site.

– Any loss resulting from an intrusion by a third party resulting in a transformation of the information provided online.

– And more generally, for any prejudice, direct or indirect, whatever its origin, caused by the access of anyone to the site or the impossibility to access it.

Fiona BIBBY and Olivier LACHEZE BEER exhibit on the site their achievements and creations, with the sole purpose of informing visitors. In this sense, INCHIGO protects to the maximum of its possibilities, customer, sponsor, partner details, etc. Despite these efforts, if a customer, sponsor, etc. is not satisfied with the information provided or considers it inaccurate, he has at any time upon request in writing, the right to rectify information about him.


In the mails or in the registration file for retreats, immersions, workshops etc., the visitor is likely to provide personal data. INCHIGO guarantees that this data will not be transferred to third parties. They can nevertheless be used for sending invitations or commercial letters. If the user communicates his coordinates via the site, the user accepts that INCHIGO sends him information by e-mail. In any case, the Data-processing law and Freedom n ° 78-17 of January 6th, 1978, allows each Net surfer to access the nominative information concerning him and to have them rectify or to delete, if necessary, by contacting INCHIGO: 46 rue Raphael, 13008 Marseille – FRANCE.


INCHIGO informs the visitor of the site that the present mentions can be modified at any time. These modifications are published by their posting online and are accepted without reservation by any visitor who accesses the site after their posting. French law governs these terms. The French courts are competent to treat any dispute relating to the use of the site.