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Time out for Time in

21-26 Sep 2019

The Time out for Time in Retreat gives you the time, space and energy to explore and enquire, to dive in to your inner space and experience other ways of accessing what you know. You will do this through developing and bringing a powerful question about your own development or a current issue you face. You will find out how to bring dynamic balance into your life and create an embodied practice to sustain the change you want.

  • What are we going to do?

    The Time out for Time in Retreat uses the OceanTree Guiding Principles of Time Out, Enquiry Questions, Dynamic Balance and Embodied Practice as a framework for deeper development and impactful change.


    During the retreat, you will experience specific activations structured around the 4 principles. You will learn how to use and apply them in your daily lives.


    As an example, while sitting with your Enquiry Question, you will be guided through mind, body and emotional connection activations that allow you to be comfortable with uncertainty and allow for greater insights.

Or when exploring Embodied Practice, you will be given easy to use routines that can be integrated into your life, as well as examining how to deal with resistance to practicing. Throughout we will support you in exploring, engaging and embodying your development journey.

  • How are we going to do it?

    The Time out for Time in retreat begins with some preparation and pre-work to get you started on your journey of Enquiry and self-reflection.


    You will then organize a preparation call with one of the facilitators to craft and fine-tune the question you will bring to the Retreat.


    During the Retreat you will learn the following skills:

    • How to stop
    • How to enquire
    • How to balance
    • How to practice
  • We will explore these different aspects through the following approaches:

    • Facilitated group activities
    • Facilitated self-awareness exercises and practices
    • Sensory awakening through the contact with nature.
    • Body work, inspired by different yoga and energy practices.
    • Meditation and focus sessions.
    • Personal thinking and reflection time.
    • Journaling and guided writing exercises.



  • Every morning you will participate in Embodied Yoga practice, meditation and journaling practices. The Yoga practice and meditation is aimed at mixed ability groups and beginners are welcome.  The Yoga is about deepening our somatic awareness and body based consciousness. The meditation is about learning how to be still and with yourself and your thoughts in a mindful way.


    Who is it for?

    The Time out for Time in Retreat is for all individuals interested in taking the time to enquire into their own personal or professional development. It is perfect for those who want to find and develop appropriate practices to integrate into their daily lives.

It is also for companies and organisations who want to offer dive deep development opportunities for people with a focus on supporting them to explore, engage with and embody their own development.


Companies and organisations can buy individual places on the Retreat or they can buy a full Retreat for a group. Dates for the full Retreat can be organised with the client.


The retreat will be in English but the facilitators also speak French, Spanish and Portuguese.

  • Accommodation and Food

    Prices quoted are in a shared bedroom: sharing is part of the experience but there are some single room options available for an extra cost.


    All meals will be entirely organic and vegetarian with vegan options. For any other dietary allergies.


    How we nourish ourselves and being mindful about what we eat is an important part of awareness and cultivating balance.


    Sharing a delicious and healthy meal, appreciating food and tastes we may not be familiar with is part of the experience of the Retreat.

Giving Back

A percentage of all payments goes to the Giving Back fund to pay for Retreat places for those who are working in the not for profit sector, are on low income or in other situations that mean they would struggle to pay for a Retreat or Personal/professional development courses.

We thank you for this contribution.

Les réservations sont closes pour cet évènement.

What to bring?

  • Simple, comfortable clothes suitable for physical exercise and being outside in nature, walking shoes, rain coat, warm clothes for the evening (it can be chillier.)
  • Mosquito repellent.
  • Ear plugs.
  • Your personal journal. Choose your journal as something special not just a notebook. You might want to bring colour crayons too.
  • A piece of music and an object that mean something to you.


Any enquiries