Fiona Bibby

  • integral coach
  • embodiment facilitator
  • yoga teacher
  • empowering women

Partner of inchigo and the OceanTree

Fiona works in leadership development, team and executive coaching, at board level and with senior executives worldwide. She is passionate about helping her clients to progress with their personal and professional challenges and about helping them to develop the practices that will support them in a sustainable way.


She has proven results in delivering innovative coaching and consulting solutions to her clients.  Her added value comes from her highly intuitive approach coupled with skills acquired in business, education, yoga and the performing arts.  She uses the rigorous Integral Coaching methodology which works with mind, heart and body alignment to create engaging and sustainable practice for leaders and their teams. Fiona brings her expertise in emotional intelligence, interpersonal communication and energy management as well as her business acumen to her individual executive coaching programmes.


English is her mother tongue, she has been living in France for over 20 years, has travelled extensively and has proven results delivering to, and working with, multicultural teams, individuals and groups.


Fiona is a graduate of the London School of Economics where she studied International Relations. She worked in international development for the Suez Group for 5 years and then delivered training in Negotiation, Communication, Business Strategy and Intercultural Management before becoming a coach. She has also experience as a project manager on European education projects, particularly in the development of cultural intelligence. She has negotiated in, and hosted international meetings in corporate, education and institutional environments.


Fiona has been fortunate to work with prestigious clients worldwide in a wide range of sectors: Airbus Group, Unilever, Bausch & Lomb, Berner, Carrefour, Hays, Areva, Orange, France Telecom, Darty, Meryll Lynch, Sogeti, Kingfisher, Cap Gemini, Stelia Aerospace and Miltenyi Biotech.


Fiona is certified in a number of development tools and programmes: Breakthrough, Tetramap, NLP and Theory U. She is also a certified Integral Master Coach™ (ICF accredited programme) and a qualified Yoga teacher (Ashtanga and Yin Yoga, Embodied Yoga.)  She specialises in embodiment coaching and somatic foundation practices to enhance her clients development and their access to different ways of learning and approaching change.


Fiona is a Partner and Managing Director of inchigo and TheOceanTree Group which includes Contribution, a charity which supports social, educational and cultural projects that promote Diversity. The OceanTree also runs corporate Retreats for leaders who want to deep dive into their development.


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