Joy, Pleasure and Creativity for Women

This workshop with women gives a space for enquiry into joy, purpose and pleasure, what that means for us, and how we manifest it in our lives. Our aim is to share practices, tips and tools to bring women to source a deeper creative part of ourselves as guides to our purpose in life.


We will provide a framework that highlights the link between different stages of women’s lives, the cyclical rhythm of women’s biology and our creative power and expression.


Being aligned with the ebb and flow of women’s natural process allow a connection to a deeper part of ourselves, where joy, pleasure and the ability to manifest our purpose are born. Disconnection from that process can lead to depletion, exhaustion, frustration and a loss of meaning and direction.


When do you feel vibrant and alive in your everyday activity? Do you allow this to guide you in your actions, decisions and sense of purpose?


During the course, we will explore through yoga, movement and different techniques the wisdom of our bodies and our emotional landscape and how they offer us powerful feedback about our relationship to pleasure, purpose and joy.


The workshop is open to women of all ages and experiences.

  • What are we going to do?

    Our focus is to empower women, to raise awareness and share ideas and tools that bring a greater sense of joy, pleasure and purpose. Below is an overview of the main themes:

    Understanding and connecting with the cyclical rhythm of our body and the power and wisdom we hold in ourselves.


    Discovering new tools to navigate in the constant changes in our experience of being a woman.


    Exploring being guided by energy and intuition rather then only ideas.


    Reconnect and reclaim parts of our bodies that we have lost contact with and listen to their wisdom.


    Deepen our understanding of our emotional landscape and giving ourselves permission to fully experience joy and pleasure.

  • How are we going to do it?

    During the workshop we will explore different ways of accessing what we know:

    • Body work, inspired by different yoga and movement practices.
    • Group activities: discussions in the circle, self-awareness exercises.
    • Personal thinking and reflection time.
    • Journaling and guided writing exercises.
    • Sharing tips and tools for daily life.
    • Eating energetic food and exploring how we nourish ourselves.
  • Accommodation and Food

    We have a number of different venues available. They are all in beautiful surroundings as our relationship to nature and learning from nature are part of the experience.


    We work with private chefs who have a passion for food and produce. All meals will be entirely organic and vegetarian with vegan options. For any other dietary requirements (soy free, diary free, gluten free, etc..), please let us know as soon as possible.


    If you have your own venue we will be happy to work with you in your own surroundings.

All enquiries

These events are booked on demand. If you have a group who would like to host the event please do contact us on the form below.


Price will vary according to the group size, number of facilitators required and if the weekend is residential. An average price for a group of 10 people is  between 3000 euros and 3500 euros not including food or accommodation.