Michelle Allen

  • experiential events
  • personal development
  • holistic wellbeing
  • bringing ideas to life

“Michelle is a human Swiss army knife  – if you have a problem, she will have the solution and she always delivers”

CEO, Skandia Intl.


With over 25 years of experience in the personal and corporate development, Michelle has worked on over 800 events internationally – including corporate conferences, change management programmes, live and virtual meetings, developmental programmes, retreats, e-learning, festivals and experiential learning events.


From as young as she can remember, Michelle was always interested in ‘what makes people tick’. With addiction, self-destructive behaviour and mental health prevalent through her upbringing, she has always wanted to be able to help people free themselves from negative thoughts and emotions.


After studying Psychology, she became disheartened by just learning theories and discovered personal development, which offered solutions for lasting change and she credits for ‘saving her life’.


Her career started in the public event arena, where she ran Europe’s largest training company, which was at the forefront of the personal development revolution, showcasing the creator of NLP Dr Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna, Robert Anton Wilson to name a few. She went on to start her own public training company and had the pleasure of working with some of the leading thinkers in modern psychology and well-being.


It was then, due to her own ill-heath, she realised that you can’t just work on your mind, you need to look after your body as well. This lead her interest and passion into holistic well-being, where she studied basic Nutrition, Reiki, Pranic Healing, EFT and Transcendental Meditation.


Michelle combined her training in Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic programming, Hypnosis, Lifecoaching, Goal Mapping and human development with her practical and clear ability to get the job done. Always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, she has created countless experiences, both online or offline where people learn in compelling, dynamic and memorable ways.


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