The Feminine
at Work

Why is it important?

It’s a project to raise awareness of the Feminine to gain deeper understanding of its importance in the shift to a more balanced society for all.


We understand the Feminine as a Universal Life principle beyond any gender identification, which always co-exists with the Masculine principle.


However, in current society, organisation and belief systems we have overstretched our exploration of the Masculine and denied the Feminine. We can see this in our difficulty to move beyond a linear perspective and the limitations of the paradigm of infinite growth. This concerns everyone, so why start with only women?


As women we witness in our everyday experience how the disconnection from the Feminine in a Masculine oriented culture has negatively impacted women in their relation with the Feminine in themselves and in their relationship to other women.


To transform these dynamics, we have decided to start by creating a safe space where women together can reconnect with denied and stigmatized parts of themselves and start a new way of being and relating with each other.


Our aim is to offer to women a guide towards a sustainable well -being, rooted in the natural rhythm of their bodies. Bodies that are not only often dismissed and stigmatized, but most of the time misinterpreted, misunderstood and identified as a source of disempowerment. We believe that the expanded awareness of the life cyclical principle and its embodiment are keys to understanding what women’s empowerment means. They are fundamental to understanding how the Feminine can be experienced and brought back onto the planet, into our lives, our work, our organizations.


Our vision is to contribute to restoring balance through an exploration of the Feminine and its different manifestations on an individual and collective level. We hope to create a generative and sustainable project that reaches a wide and diverse population to bring the Feminine to the forefront of our ways of thinking, being, relating and organising for the emerging future.


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Where does it come from ?

We (Fiona and Marta) met in Tuscany at a Retreat. Marta was teaching and Fiona participating. From a strong feeling of having met before, we started a conversation that hasn’t stopped since! We were laughing a lot, astonished by how different our current realities and stories were and at the same time how strongly attracted we felt by the possibilities of the synergies between us.


Both of us were inspired by our strong desire to support and empower women and to bring our diverse skills and life experiences to do that. It was clear that we had to create something together.


As soon as we started to work together, our own inner process concerning the Feminine (and the Masculine) showed up strongly and we saw what an important role this would play in what needs to emerge.


We were both in Transition when we met (and still are!), and felt at times very vulnerable, fearful and confused by what was going on for each one of us. Navigating this together and exploring our relationship at such an unsettling time helped us to create a space in which we could really dive into the gifts and the source of what the Feminine has to offer.


Being with not knowing, following the wisdom of our energy and deeper intuition, respecting creative cycles and embracing the changing nature of our physical, emotional and mental landscape, became the heart and breath of this project. And a reminder to embody this in our approach to our work and how we craft its pace and rhythm.


This became really clear one day while working together. We were busy trying to move the project forward and look at a pre-established chronological planning and deadlines. Suddenly we both felt exhausted and drained and paused to explore what was happening. We saw we were about to go into struggle mode of forcing something to happen in a certain timeframe and in a certain way. About to lose our connection to what was present and relevant for us at that moment and lose connection with our deeper sense of joy, pleasure and desire. We laughed at ourselves, witnessing how engrained this pattern can be and reframed how to move forward.


So, the Feminine at work is as much working us as we are working with it. It’s a generative project, that’s alive, with many possible expressions. We are learning to surrender to what is present and what it really means to let things emerge. It’s an on-going conversation and we’d love you to participate!