Authoring Your Own Story

Who am I and what do I want?  A day workshop for women


As women we spend a lot of time looking after and helping other people, but there comes a time when we need to look into ourselves to see what we want and who we are.



What can we do to be more in touch with ourselves and our inner wisdom?


How do we follow our own story when there is so much noise telling us what to be and how to feel?


This one-day workshop will use storytelling, simple physical practices, and facilitation techniques to come together in a community to connect and learn from each other and to explore a deeper sense of self.


The workshop will be led by Fiona Bibby (Integral coach and qualified yoga teacher) and Sarah Sutcliffe (Facilitator and storyteller).

  • What are we going to do?

    • Take time to tap into what really matters to us by bringing awareness to different ways to connect with ourselves
    • Be empowered to remember, reclaim and to be the author of our own stories. Stories that have often been disowned or forgotten.
    • Create a space, to enable feminine values of connection, cooperation and compassion
  • How are we going to do it?


    Throughout the day we will

    • Explore the traditional story “Seal Skin Soul Skin” (from Women Who Run with The Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes); a story about a woman who has lost touch with her soul and her journey to reclaim it. This story will inspire us and provide us with a framework to help us reconnect with who we really are.
    • Enjoy gentle physical practises (including simple Yoga and Qi Gong which will be suitable and adaptable to all abilities) to access / improve our body awareness as a way to know and transform our stories and allow us to gain insights into ourselves.
    • Support each other as a community by listening, learning and finding shared meaning, connection and empowerment.


The day will be full and fairly structured but will also be very relaxed. We will share a vegetarian lunch together.



Who is it for?

Women of all ages, transitioning through different stages of our life journey and feeling a call to empower themselves and create their own narrative for the next chapter.


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